The Collection

The School of Biology (University of Nottingham) currently holds a large, diverse and unique collection of animals and plants, including historically-important specimens bequeathed by the likes of Cheeseman, Rothschild and Florence Nightingale. Most of the specimens are currently inaccessible, but a significant portion is now on display.

Recognising the importance of the collection, the M.Sc. course in Biological Photography and Imaging has, for the last 2 years, funded a part-time (FTE 0.15) post to commence its curation (David Fox). This has allowed themes of biodiversity, taxonomy and natural history to be incorporated into the M.Sc. course but the benefits have also been felt by 1st year undergraduate students who use a small part of the collection in the Animal Kingdom module.

I have prepared a working document on the collection that can be accesses here in order to form the basis of a fund raising bid.