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       Talks and news


      I am a visiting lecturer at the University of Nottingham and Queen Mary College, University of London and have been fortunate to be a speaker at a number of public science-interest groups.

      I have been asked to talk to infant and junior classes on insects and other mini-beasts and I am always happy to take along whatever creatures I have available at the time. 

      I am on the ‘recommended’ list of the British Association for the advancement of science where I used to visit groups (mainly pensioners) and we would do a DNA extraction from kiwi fruit, mango and pineapple using only equipment and chemicals found in the kitchen.

      Going back some years, I used to be a volunteer demonstrator of snakes and other animals at the London Zoo and have been a guide on a ‘marine ecosystems for the blind’ field course.


      I have worked with many postgraduate (M.Sc., Ph.D.) and undergraduate students in good, safe laboratory practise, how to conduct research projects in microscopy and ecological work and the writing of reports. Currently training school staff and MSc students in microscope use and maintenance.

      If any of this grabs your attention then please contact me via email at this address.

      In 2006 I presented a talk on ‘Feathered dinosaurs: is evolution the best explanation?’ at the Christians in Science conference in Kent. Further details available from their website (click above) including, at some point, an mp3 of the talk and a pdf file of the slides. (Counter arguments have been written and appear on the Creation Science website.)