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This page links you to the third year course on Evolutionary Developmental Biology.

The reference list is available by clicking here.

Please note that I have had to remove most of the diagrams and pictures as they made the file size unwieldy. Check for diagrams and more detailed information with the main texts noted in the course schedule. I have tried to use diagrams from Molecular Biology of the Cell , Developmental Biology and From DNA to diversity where possible so you have an anchor point to revise from. Other text books and primary journal papers are listed on the ‘sources document’ available here.


1] Notes for the first three lectures Life on Earth.

2] Notes for the second three lectures Building bodies

3] Notes for the third three lectures Development in Drosophila and the arthropods.

4] Notes for the fourth three lectures The basic toolkit extended.


As promised I have a selection of mock exam questions for you to ponder over: click here.


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