QMUL Development

This page links you to the third year course on Development and Cell cycles (formerly cell signaling).

The broad course outline with the reference list is available here.

The emphasis on some topics may change as the course progresses.

Please note that I have had to remove most of the diagrams and pictures as they made the file size unwieldy. Check for diagrams and more detailed information with the main texts noted in the course schedule. I have tried to use diagrams from ‘Molecular Biology of the cell’ where possible so you have an anchor point to revise from. Chapter 17 concerning the cell cycle is particularly relevant.

Topic 1.  Development fundamentals among simple organisms.

Topic 2a. The cell cycle.

Topic 2b. The cell cycle deregulated: cancer..

Topic 2c. Endoreduplication.

Topic 3.  Oocyte provisioning and embryogenesis (and polyphenism).

Topic 4.  Evo-devo and the origins of feathers.

As many of you have asked for some sample questions I have put together some mock questions for your to ponder and get the flavour of what you will be meeting at your finals. Click here.


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