Animal Form

The First year course on Animal form and function consists of ten lectures spanning many topics as listed in the School handbook.

Please note that I have had to remove some of the diagrams and pictures as they made the file size unwieldy. Check for diagrams and more detailed information with the main texts noted below.

The ten lectures are available as pdf files so you will need Adobe Reader to view them. It is freely available from the Adobe website . Click on the title to get the lecture notes.

Lecture 1. What is life?

Lecture 6. Cnidaria and platyhelminthes

Lecture 2. The nature of species.

Lecture 7. Cavities and worms

Lecture 3. Taxonomy and animals.

Lecture 8. Worms molluscs and worms

Lecture 4. Building animals

Lecture 9. Onto the arthropods

lecture 5. Sponges and cnidaria

Lecture 10. Different expressions